With the stressful events taking place daily in the US and the world, why would something as seemingly unimportant as picture framing be meaningful?  To us at SBAFCo, it is obvious - it is our living and our passion.  But why should it be important to you?

As an appreciator of art, a collector, or someone who just enjoys beauty or visual stimulation, many times a frame can make or break the effectiveness of the presentation of the art.  And many times the right frame can oh so subtly enhance the piece so that a pleasurable view becomes even more compelling.

What do I mean by the right frame?  This is a frame that both enhances the art and protects it to varying degrees.  We have a rule of thumb here at our frame studio - if your eye spends time on the frame, no matter how beautiful it is, and distracts you from the art in any way - it is not doing its job.  Some art is so strong and imagery is so substantial, it can hold its own with almost any frame.  But some art is so subtle, so delicate, so serene, that anything other than a frame that almost disappears is an intrusion.  This is not to say that a frame cannot be of high quality and beautiful in its own right.  But it has to have "balance" and "continuity with the artwork".  Another important aspect of the appealing frame is that it should "wear well", meaning it does not become tiring to look at or lose its appeal after a period of living with it.

In upcoming posts we will explore what, in our minds here at Santa Barbara Art Frame Co., are the properties of the perfect frame for your piece of art - in your eyes - not ours.  We will also talk about frame construction and offer some insights into how that is done at a professional frame studio.  All of these elements, combined with integrating the design with your taste and your budget, are what a good professional framer will strive to provide.